Collection: George Facelo

George Facelo

I live with my desires to create every day.  And the ART in me is what I breathe and think about every moment. ART is a place I go to be quiet with myself.  Consistency in what I do is the core of who I am. 

A blank canvas tells me what to do and where to begin.  I listen to what is inside and allow the canvas to take me on its own journey.  I follow the intuition of the blank canvas. 

Acrylic is my cornerstone to achieve multiple layers to provide a dimensional effect with the composition.  Two or three layers in.. allows me to step back and align my feelings and emotions to what I am creating.  I work with canvas panels to provide stability for my technique. The hard surface provides flexibility to use materials like masking tape (& others) that wouldn’t achieve the same effect. 3D is an instrumental part of my technique that I achieve with colors, layers, and objects that give meaning to my work. 

Check out George Facelo on IG: @ggfacelo_originalart