Artwork Personalized for You

What is a Commissioned work of art? 

Commissioned art allows Avaulte Artists to create a buyer's unique vision. Commissioned works are used for public, private, or commercial uses. Examples include: pet portraits, paintings of loved ones, branded artwork for businesses, and landscapes of one's home or favorite getaway.  You, the buyer, are a part of the creative process and receive a work of art that meets your taste.

Why partner with Avaulte to have a commissioned work of art? 

Throughout the process, our team will consistently communicate with you and offer suggestions. We want to ensure that your experience is seamless and that you receive a piece of artwork that speaks to you. Avaulte assists you in material selections, your budget, and the breakdown of payment milestones. 

Why a Contract? 

Contracts record the commitment between you and the artist. They define and highlight each individual's obligations, mutual rights, and responsibilities. In more details, the agreement includes a project description with a timeline, potential payment option, and a shipping & delivery plan. Rights, such as copyrights and exclusivity expectations (rights to who owns the artwork and opportunities highlighting where artists can stay involved), are also discussed (see Commission Terms of Service). Once signed, the project's progress is shared. Consistent communication is essential throughout the process.

What decisions need to be made?

Desired size, colors, subject matter, style and materials preference. For example, oil paintings can last longer than acrylic paper.

Contact Us to Commission an Original Work of Art

Work with an Avaulte artist to commission a piece that's perfect for your space. Please fill out the form below to commission a personalized composition from an Avaulte artist.