Premium Quality Carton

Mullen-Rated Box Maker's Certificate seal is your guarantee of quality and strength.

Double-wall corrugated board construction approved by FedEx and UPS for high durability and resistance to damage.

Three Layers of Shock-Absorbing Foam

Top and bottom layers of convoluted (egg shell) foam suspend your artwork as it rests on the peaks. This suspension effect diverts the shock away from the pressure points of the frame.

A middle layer of customizable perforated “perf-pack” foam molds to the edges of your artwork for a perfect fit.

Puncture Guard Liners

Lined Strongboxes further protect your artwork with two layers of tough ABS plastic that provide puncture resistance equivalent to 3/8" plywood but without the weight.

Integrated Handle

100 lb carrying handle integrated into many models for convenient carrying.