Why was Avaulte Created?

Avaulte’s goal for you is to find the inspired paintings and artists that are on the rise. What we do is increase the value of art. Art is more than just the painting; it is about the emotion it evokes. Experience purpose with Avaulte.

What makes Us Unique?

Avaulte was created to find you the hidden gems without having to browse through collections of paintings. We keep an eye out for the leading & upcoming artists with the mindset to grow the value of each painting. We invite you to explore with purpose, knowing what you're about to experience has been vetted and curated to break through the clutter of the art world.

Who We Are?

Avaulte evolves by asking and listening to our viewers and aligning with artists of quality and value. Each hand that has shaped Avaulte are leaders in art and business. Having expertise in both, led the owner, Lisa Camargo to understand an Buyer's vision and Artist’s career.