Questions ?? “Know Thyself as an Artist”

What are your best qualities? Unique talents? Skills?

What accolades have you received from friends, art buyers, writers and art professionals?

Have you received art awards & recognition, creative triumphs, and/or career achievements? 

What type of artist support groups have you joined that have been positive? Have any given you and others a feeling of purpose and/or encouragement?

Do you have experience with a creative mentor that encourages you to build upon your strengths?

When do you criticize your artwork? When/how often do you acknowledge your strengths? What does a healthy balance with constructive analysis look like for yourself?

How do you view other artists’ art? Do you compare yourself and/or find  areas in which you share positive attributes?

How do you remind yourself to “lighten up? (when you feel yourself getting too serious)” “To draw you must close your eyes and sing.” - Pablo Picasso 

What steps do you take to get outside of your comfort zone? How do you focus on the journey and not the results when you do? 

How do you celebrate the small wins/steps when you improve your artistic talents and skills?