Key Points in the Artist Terms of Service

(Make a dropdown) Requirements with Your Work Listed with Avaulte:  By uploading work to our website, you are stating that it is your work, and it is ready to be sold. (Section 6)

Online Sales:  When any of your artwork is uploaded to Avaulte, those works can not simultaneously exist on any other e-commerce platforms until your contract is terminated or you request to have a piece taken down see Sections (6.3, 8.3) in the Avaulte Artist Terms of Service.

Avaulte Promotional Efforts:  Avaulte owns the promotional materials we create from your artwork. You waive the right to modify and use these materials. In the case that your work sells due to the Avaulte name, you agree to pay the standard commission rate to Avaulte within 30 days.  (Section 10)

Transaction Restrictions:  Avaulte is the intermediary between Avaulte artists and their clients. To circumvent Avaulte, is a violation of the Artist Terms of Service.  (Section 11)

Taxes: Avaulte Artists are expected to complete a W-9 form once a year. This form asks for your name, address, and taxpayer information.