How to Buy art with Ansley Pye (Professional Curator)

How to Buy Art 

When buying your first piece of artwork, it's important to know what interests you, the style of your home, and where you want to place the work. 

It’s as simple as that!  What you like, what colors speak to you, and what you relate to, can best enhance your home or space. 

Get to Know the Artist 

When you are buying art, knowing the artist is a “special thing” because you are buying a piece of that artist. You don’t have to necessarily know them in person, but can find information about them. In fact, you should often request a package about the artist that includes their resume, CV, and bio statement. This helps you have an understanding of who that artist is, what they have done, and where they plan to go with their career. 

What draws your Attention 

When you want to look at a work of art for the first time, you want to glean something from it. Find what it is that you like, what draws your attention in the artwork, and what keeps you interested in it. 

When buying art, always start with buying what attracts you, such as the subject matter, color, and size. Original artwork is something you can not duplicate because original artwork is energy. It has the energy of the artist in it, and that is what you buy.