A Designer's Perspective

What is an Interior Designer’s perspective on purchasing artwork for your home?

Art is an investment in yourself and your wellbeing. It is a connection to a visual expression that speaks to you for any reason and makes you feel. I often suggest art finds you when you may not even realize you are seeking something. Art is created from passion, vision, and emotional story by the artist, it carries that story with it, and expresses itself to the viewer. The connection can be as simple as reminding you of a time or a person in your life, an inspiration when you need it, a peaceful or even energizing motivation in your day. 

What suggestions as an interior designer can you provide to those once purchasers receive their art (i.e. where to place it in the home)?

When art is selected to speak to an emotion the location would be where it will have daily appreciation in the relay of the message it was selected for. When it may be for balancing and enhancing a space it would already be determined what room, and the placement in the room would take into account balance, proportion, and impact to the room. 

How to use the artwork home environment images as a suggestion to assist with your purchase?

The selection is personal to each. Placement in one’s home considers subject matter, artistic style, color, texture, scale and the other components of design. Most specifically, the feeling is personal as an extension of the buyer's aesthetic preferences, history, emotions or connection to the piece as experienced when seeing it. It encourages calm, it excites into action, it reminds you of something or someone, it feels like a place you have visited and enjoyed. If the art comes before the need in a space, it should be considered in a room where you feel similar emotions and energy. If the art is soft and blue, consider places where calm is present already, if it’s red and bold, find a place that needs or exists with energy and lively activity. 

How Art impacts an Interior Designer and the work with the client?

Each decision made is rooted in a story either shared or developed as the project unfolds. Art is the final touch and is selected to capture these stories, create these moments, and enhance the enjoyment of the home. A selection of a piece could be large and attention getting to anchor a room or generate the first impression, or it can be simple and gentle and placed at a nightstand for a calming moment before turning out the light. In all cases art is selected and placed for the connection to the person, then the enhancement of the aesthetic and space.