5 Pricing Tips on Selling Your Art

Focusing on Creating Understanding 

There will always be someone who raises an eyebrow at your prices….. Most often, collectors will care most about what matters to them—how the work will improve their own life. 

Focus on speaking to the quality of your artwork instead of the cost of paint, canvases, studio space, booth fees, clay, etc. Tell them about how having the artwork in their home will improve their lives and impress their companies.

Staying Strong on Prices of Artwork 

Increasing your prices can make you feel incredibly insecure and vulnerable….. Don’t. Do. It. Each time you hand out discounts and place bargain prices on your artwork, you are saying, “My work and my prices aren’t worth it.” Learn to embrace the uncomfortable moment when someone asks for a discount.

Transparency of Value          

My work has value. My skills are valuable. Others value the creativity and talent that you often take for granted.  As an artist, it's important to become accustomed to what you bring to the world.           

Importance of Price Variant

Don’t ignore the lower-priced artworks….. Have your larger works at higher prices, but offer multiple price points to maximize your income.

Ignore Comparison         

Don’t let other artists’ prices completely control how you price your work. There will always be someone who charges less than you, and there will always be someone who charges more. Understanding your own work, the time that goes into it, the cost of materials, and its general place in the market.