She paints focused natural histories that capture moments of transition: close-up corners of the big picture of life, in subtle colors and painterly detail. Bronle also paints portraits by commission, teaches painting and drawing, and is on the executive board of ArtReach San Diego.

When not working with heavy metal pigments, canvas, and walnut oil Bronle is reading, writing, cooking, and enjoying paradise.


Behind the Scenes


We all hope for connection, to somehow touch the infinite. Actors call it Being In The Moment. Some people call it Flow. By any name, ‘It’ is that elusive sense of oneness that silences yearning and stops the clock. It allows us to know here and now.  When we’re there, we use our expertise and creativity in harmony. It is the state we all hope for from education, meditation, and vacation. It is what I hope for every time I pick up a brush.


My paintings are moments of transition: the widening ripples on the pond between raindrops; the brief, potent interaction of blossom and bee; the breath before the bubble shatters; the moment before the egg releases the chick. 


Blink, and the moment passes. The paint holds on to it.


- Bronle Crosby

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