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As an artist, do I have to pay to ship my work?

No. Shipping cost is handled by Avaulte. Your role in the shipping process is to: See video on Packaging & Shipping from Avaulte.



  • Ship your artwork (within 3 to 5 business days after it's purchased) using packaging that is provided by Avaulte (Strongbox™ by Airfloat Systems).

  • Attach the prepaid mailing label supplied by Avaulte to the box and include a signed Certificate of Authenticity within the box.

  • Drop off the box at your nearest United States Post Office or Postal Annex facility and your artwork will be on it's way to the buyer!


Knowing that shipping is provided by Avaulte, is the art insured?

Yes, the art is insured under priority mail prepaid label sent to the artist. For more details see the Value of Avaulte video.