Roxanne, artistically driven to create in mixed media. Her voice explores personifying the circle.

Roxanne currently has a work/live loft in California. She is involved with the North County Painters Community and the effort to build an arts district in and around Southern California. Roxanne finished her fine arts degree with a concentration in drawing and painting from the University of Minnesota. She studied and learned from faculty members, Herman Somberg (from the "Cedar Bar - Franz Kline" days) as well as Victor Caglioti, Tom Rose, Tom Lane, Jody Williams, George Creamer and Andrew Leicester, to name a few. Simultaneously, she pursued Corporate America in the graphic arts realm. That experience has enhanced a professional discipline and commitment to her fine art.


Behind the Scenes


I work in mixed media from acrylics, colored pencils, ink, and graphite to actually hand stitching on the canvas. My paintings are layers upon layers of this media. I put down and take away and paint over and wash off the surface over and over until I see the painting come to life. I do this process all in the interest of the circle, the perfect shape. By personifying the circle, it becomes a character in a story and draws the viewer in to participate in the context of the painting, thus participating in the story. Sometimes they are gazing bystanders just enjoying the surface. Other times they step into the middle of the dialogue and explore the shapes and colors. And sometimes they just get lost. All in all, they use their filters to participate at the level they feel comfortable while feeling intrigued to return to explore once again to see new things.


- Roxanne Grooms

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