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Here at Avaulte we are committed to our valued collectors. Therefore, if you are displeased with your purchase based on taste, we are happy to provide you with a 40% discount on your next order at Avaulte. Simply email hello@avaulte.com within (5) days of your merchandise delivery date, explain your situation, and our team will be glad to assist you! 


If you are concerned that your artwork did not accurately meet its posted description on Avaulte, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Within (5) days of your merchandise delivery date, email us at hello@avaulte.com and kindly provide us with your order information and the reason for wanting to return the work. 

    • Please be specific so we can improve our service to our collectors! 

    • Did the artwork not meet the description posted on Avaulte? 

    • Did you view the artwork on the “See it on Your Wall” Feature before buying?


  • Step 2: Our team will view your message and determine if the refund will be approved. We will contact you from hello@avaulte.com

    • If the artwork description on Avaulte was incorrect, the “See it on Your Wall” Feature differed from reality, or you experienced any other situation our team deems acceptable, we will happily refund you. 


  • Step 3: After the Avaulte team has accepted the return, please return the artwork within (5) days of the return being accepted.  

    • Please repackage the artwork as it was sent in the original StrongBox packaging.  As the collector, you are responsible for the shipping cost on the returned artwork.


  • Step 4: After our team receives the artwork and the condition of the artwork passes our final inspection, we will happily refund you within 10 days. 

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