Artist Presentation

Qais Al-Sindy was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1967. He received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering from Baghdad University in 1989. Thereafter, he started to study art; in 2000 he received his second degree, a Bachelors of Arts, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad followed by his Masters in Fine Arts in 2004. 

His art showcases a variety of media including painting, installation, video, and performances. His main choice of expression is through painting, preferably on canvas. His art depicts human connections through a variety of beliefs, mentalities, and politics. He emphasizes the question "Why?" through his art in order to engage the audience to find their own interpretations of the answer.

Artist Statement

Being an Iraqi born artist residing currently in the United States, many experiences have influenced the evolution of my art and reshaped it accordingly. The multi-cultural background offered me wide and analytical vision in approaching the humanistic issues that help to make –here and there- better place to live in.



2018 September, The Jerusalem Fund Gallery Al-Quds, Washington D.C.

2018 March 1st, Let’s Begin…Again, Alexander Salazar-Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, California

2016 February 12th, LOVERS, Alexander Salazar-Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, California

2015 November 5th, You…&I, E C Gallery, Beverly Hills, California

2014 November 1st, Deferred Dreams, Syra Art Gallery, Washington D.C.

2014 October 16, Encoded Histories with Doris Bittar, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, California

2014 October, Spotlight on Iraq with Adeeb Makki, Southwestern College, San Diego, California

2014 March, Return to the Garden of Eden, Iraqi Cultural Center, Washington D.C.

2013 September, Colorful Concepts, Ro’iya Art Studio- Jeddah, Kingdom Saudi of Arabia

2012 September, The Struggle for Survival, Foresight Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2012 January, Reconciliation with Oneself, Arts Gallery, Abduallh Salim, Kuwait

2012 Who Knows What the Hoopoe Said?, 4-Walls Art Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2010 December, The Lost Paradise, Orient Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2009 August - September, Endless Peace, United Nations Headquarters, New York, New York

2009 May, Secrets of the other half, Cirello Gallery, San Diego, California

2008 July, Love and Peace, Endangered Planet Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

2007 Letters don’t burn, Dar Al-Anda Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2006 Iraqi Contemporary Art exhibition and conference, University of Fribourg, Switzerland



2018 March 15-18, The Other Art Fair, supported by Saatchi Art, Los Angeles, California

2017 October 28 - November 2, Annual Group Exhibition of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain (IFAA),

         London, England

2017 December, Iraqi Collective Exhibition, Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Foundation, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2016 January 17, East and West…Crossroads, Demouzy Contemporary, New York, New York

2016 January 15, The Night and the Desert Know Me, Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery,

         Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, Washington D.C.

2014 February 28, Mesopotamian Colors, Whites Art, Framing & Restoration Gallery, Montrose, California

2013 April 6 - May 19, Altered Horizons, San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies Altered Horizons, San Diego, California

2013 April, The Gulf Festival for Contemporary Plastic Arts

2011 November, Impulses from Iraq, Iraqi Cultural Center, Washington D.C.

2011 October 13, Mesopotamia Art and Artists in Diaspora, Edgar Varlea Fine Arts (EVFA) Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2011 October 1,  Out of Iraq, Artists in Exile, THE/ Main Gallery, Ojai, California

2011 June 5, HA Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California

2011 June 3, Home Interrupted: Aircrafts of Iraqi displacement, Michelangelo Gallery, Santa Cruz, California

2010 December 12 - February 12, 12th International Cairo Biennale, Cairo, Egypt

2010 November, Scenery form Memory, with Shakir Al-Alousi and Najwa Al-Amen,

         Iraqi Cultural Center Gallery, Washington D.C.

2010 September, Annual Chaldean Festival, Ronald Reagan Community Center, El Cajon, California

2010 August, Love Stuck, Playhouse’s Weiss Lawn, art and fashion event with play Midsummer Night's Dream,

         La Jolla, California

2010 August, Iraqi-American friendship show, St. Raphael Church Hall, San Diego, California

2010 March, Art and Artist of Mesopotamia, Art Share Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2010 February, Us, Qibab Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

2010 January, Small is beautiful, Foresight Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan



2004 Master of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq

2002 Diploma in French language, Cultural French Center, Baghdad, Iraq

2000 Bachelor of Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq

1989 Bachelor of Science, College of Engineering, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq


Professional Activities

Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego Art Institute

Association International des Arts Plastiques, (AIAP), UNESCO

Iraqi Artist Association

Iraqi Plastic Artists Society