The Arrival and the Reunion by Daniel Ketelhut

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The Arrival and The Reunion, a contemporary surrealist abstract painting.  The rich bold color palette heightens the collection of organic shapes. This fantasy pushes boundaries with color blending, dripping paint, and profound composition creates an experience to this viewer. 

"The title, The Arrival and The Reunion was taken from a Dead Can Dance song of the same name, and explores the forces of attraction and repulsion. Two clusters of disparate, multifarious forms come together after a long separation. What tore them asunder is as mysterious as what reunites them. Like most artists, I listen to music while I work, and one of my favorite groups is Dead Can Dance. Their music evokes a profound sense of loss and longing, hints of which inevitably find their way into my painting." - Daniel Ketelhut

• Original Artwork
• Oil on Canvas
• Contemporary Abstract
• 48 H x 60 W x 1.5 D in
• Unframed