Lunarium: Roadside Picnic by Frol Boundin

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Lunarium: Roadside Picnic is a contemporary abstract monoprint.  The bold overlapping of objects and the distinct colors exude an active mood congruent with the focus of the Lunarium Project, memory.

"Titled ‘Roadside Picnic’ this print is a homage to the sci-fi novel by Strugatsky brothers. Inspired by the sense of macabre fascination with man-made disasters it explores human condition when faced with the unknown and invisible conditions of the "Zone". Sourcing imagery from Chernobyl and Aral Sea, this mixed media monotype art is a reminder to never forget our history." - Frol Boundin

• Original Artwork
• Mixed Media Monoprint
• Contemporary Abstract
• 25 H x 33 W x 1 D in
• Framed