Dancers in the Afterglow by Daniel Ketelhut

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Dancers in the Afterglow, a contemporary abstract painting.  This work exudes unique colors that give harmony with the shapes, creating a visual balance. The subtleness of the figures’ forms blend in and out of the afterglow, creating a sense of swaying, ethereal movement.

"Years ago, I heard the phrase "dancers in the afterglow".  Maybe a title, a line from a poem or song, or from something else entirely. Upon finishing this painting, the phrase sprang to mind and I know it was just right for the title. Disparate forms dance and cavort across the surface, the reason for their revelry already fading form memory." - Daniel Ketelhut

• Original Artwork
• Oil on Panels
• Contemporary Abstract
• 48 H x 64 W x 2.5 D in
• Unframed