Blue Stem and Red Cedars by Gray Park

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Blue Stem and Red Cedars, a contemporary plein aire landscape painting.  This work with dramatic shadows in the snow and grass gives you the feeling of the chill in the air and starkness of winter.  The cool tones gives depth to the snow and natures creations.  

Blue Stem and Red Cedars "For fifteen years, I had been driving by this exact scene. After going on a walk one Sunday, I saw this place, and wondered, "How do I park and paint? I decided to feel around the road, I felt the 20 degree weather on my back, and I spoke with a few passersby, one, a carpenter, who discussed the spirituality of nature. By painting Plein Aire, this allows me to draw people in, educate them, and give witness to the gift of being outside. You can't argue with nature. As the carpenter mentioned, the universe and nature work together." - Gray Park

• Original Artwork
• Oil on Canvas
• Contemporary Landscape
• 34 H x 38 W x 1.50 D in
• Unframed