Where the Wind Takes Me, by Bronle Crosby
  • Where the Wind Takes Me, by Bronle Crosby

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    Where The Wind Takes Me, by Bronle Crosby, 18" x 48", Oil on Canvas, Feather Painting, Unframed

    Inspired by a folk tale: 3 princes are sent to seek their fortunes. The king blows feathers into the wind to see the direction each must travel in to complete tasks. The elder 2 are lazy and barely fulfill the tasks. The younger, with patience, kindness, and helpful friends, fulfills each task and wins the throne. Opportunity finds the worthy.

    Curated Description: Where the Wind Takes Me is a realistic oil on canvas of three delicate bird feathers. The washed-out background highlights the detail of every single hair on the feather, creating an airy and intricate piece.