Untitled 1, by Nicolae Pedro Valera
  • Untitled 1, by Nicolae Pedro Valera

    SKU: NPV-Untitled 1-23

    Untitled 1, by Nicolae Pedro Valera, 36" x 48", Acrylic on Canvas, Framed

    I draw from my personal experiences to explore the different emotional states and capabilities of the human spirit, especially in times of trials and reinvention.

    Inspired by the expressionists, I dig between grays and dark blues to create an intimate series of painted portraits that capture still moments of the expression, that challenge the viewer to engage in their own emotional catharsis.

    Curated Description:  Untitled 1 is an inlaid portrait done in a gray scale acrylic on canvas. Thick brushstrokes are used to capture the highlights and shadows of the subject, with emphasis on the intense emotion within the eyes. Monochromatic color scheme created a moody atmosphere, as it captures still moments with expression.


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