Travel the Unknown, by Qais Al-Sindy
  • Travel the Unknown, by Qais Al-Sindy

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    Travel the Unknown, by Qais Al-Sindy, 96" x 60", Oil on Canvas, Unframed

    The travel is one of my major series of part. I always create paintings with people moving from one place to another in different inner feeling. Here, the travelers are going to unknown place...The search for an improved life is the highest priority...stare on the faces of the traveler and he will tell you his/her story...

    Curated Description: Travel the Unknown is an energetic figural piece with a rich palette of oil on canvas. The dialogue between the bright colors of the figures and the dark tones of the background gives the composition a powerful energy. Color blending and drawn out shapes give the figures movement while dark outlines maintain distinctions between figures.