The Wind, by Roxanne Grooms
  • The Wind, by Roxanne Grooms

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    The Wind, by Roxanne Grooms, 17" x 14", Mixed Media on Paper, Unframed

    As in all of my paintings, the circle becomes personified to take on a role. In The Wind, it is simply a poem:

    Inside I hurt.
    I want it out.
    This isn't me.
    It's just an act.
    To feel a breeze
    Against my face,
    Help me to feel
    Life again.

    Curated Description: The Wind is a colorful abstract composition done in mixed media on paper. This playground of textures and geometry features a wide variety of mark making, organic shapes, and rough and smooth surfaces for a sensory overload. The abstract mass created by these elements is left open to interpretation by the viewer.