The Tree of Truth, by Qais Al-Sindy
  • The Tree of Truth, by Qais Al-Sindy

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    The Tree of Truth, by Qais Al-Sindy, 29" x 23", Oil on Matt Board, Unframed. 

    Here, I show a sort of illusion, that you can see the painting is this position or upside down. the branches could serve as roots, and vise versa, the roots here could serve as branches. It is a good way to look for truth.

    Curated Description: The Tree of Truth is an abstract composition of oil on canvas. Upon first glance, this work could seem like an expressive rendition of a lovely tree.  Upon further examination, one will notice that the painting can be flipped, as both ways the tree looks right-side up. This clever painting is both alluring and exciting.