The Touch, by Roxanne Grooms
  • The Touch, by Roxanne Grooms

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    The Touch, by Roxanne Grooms, 17" x 14", Mixed Media on Paper, Unframed

    As in all of my paintings, the circle becomes personified to take on a role. In The Touch, the question asked is, “Who touches you?” We cannot live without interaction and nurturing. It is vital to our being. It is vital to our health.

    Our existence cannot sustain itself on the denial of touch. Touch is the gateway to love. Love is the gateway to Peacefulness.

    Curated Description: The Touch is a colorful abstract composition done in mixed media on paper. This playground of textures and geometry features a wide variety of mark making, organic shapes, and rough and smooth surfaces for a sensory overload. The abstract mass created by these elements is left open to interpretation by the viewer.