The Street Lights of LACMA, by Nancy Plank
  • The Street Lights of LACMA, by Nancy Plank

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    The Street Lights of LACMA, by Nancy Plank, 48" x 36", Oil, Famous Public Art, Unframed; 

    At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is an installation work of streetlights, which I have not seen. Young architect interns, now architects, in my same building in Little Italy, across the hall from my studio were an ongoing pleasure to talk with about architecture, art, and life. They were great at taking photos, too. Tyler Napolitano came into my studio to show me photos he took on a recent weekend visit of LACMA and buildings. John McMahon said, “Nancy, this would make a great painting!” And, so began this painting. 


    It has a Parisian vibe the way Tyler shot it. Paris has many beautiful streetlights. The juxtaposition and varied light made this fascinating to paint. It has many blues and some subtle energy of red. It is dear to me because of those sweet guys, and it is dear to me because I am proud of it and hold it in my heart with love. 

    Curated Description: The Street Lights of LACMA is a jam-packed realistic depiction of street lights. This full painting is made up of luminous orbs that contrast with dark shiny stands. The attention to detail in this work creates a photographic-like quality. 


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