The Phoenix, by Roxanne Grooms
  • The Phoenix, by Roxanne Grooms

    SKU: RG-The-Phoenix-08

    The Phoenix, by Roxanne Grooms, 12" x 12", Mixed Media on Wood Panel, Unframed

    As in all of my paintings, the circle becomes personified to take on a role. In The Phoenix, one cannot help but wonder if the defiance of gravity is more powerful than the gravity itself. With all of the deposits of life, is it possible to rise out of the rubble like a Phoenix? And if you do, will you have to rise again and again? Lessons learned or lost?

    Curated Description: The Phoenix is an abstract work with a deep warm palette of mixed media on wood panel. The miscellaneous shapes and patterns that create an abstract figure; the shape could be a phoenix, but the combination of diverse shapes leave the subject open to interpretation.