The Fire, by Roxanne Grooms
  • The Fire, by Roxanne Grooms

    SKU: RG-The Fire-08

    The Fire, by Roxanne Grooms, 17" x 14", Fire Painting, Acrylic, Colored Pencil and Hand Sewing on Paper, Unframed

    As in all of my paintings, the circle becomes personified to take on a role. In The Fire, it's about being pushed up against your boundaries and trying to internalize the tension before bursting into flames.

    Curated Description: The Fire is an intense abstract composition done in mixed media on sewing paper. The warm tones of the palette try to compete with the watery background, the hand sewing, and the black drawing lines for dominance. The abstract form is reminiscent of a bird, challenging the viewer to identify the different parts of the piece.