The Eclipse, by Roxanne Grooms
  • The Eclipse, by Roxanne Grooms

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    The Eclipse, by Roxanne Grooms, 12" x 12", Mixed Media on Wood panel, Unframed

    As in all of my paintings, the circle in this space art becomes personified to take on a role. In The Eclipse, the circles traveling along the path of eventual intersection defines a revealing path to which one can assess and calculate positions and views compared to their own perspective of who they are within the vast space of life. And once the intersection is crossed, the eclipse, what do you do with the new path on the other side? Remain in the inquiry or simply look back in nostalgia? Fight or Flight?

    Curated Description: The Eclipse is a mixed media piece composed of abstract geometric and organic shapes. The muted color palette lets the dialogue between textures be the star of the composition.


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