Tangerine No. 3, by Barbara Trzcinski
  • Tangerine No. 3, by Barbara Trzcinski

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    Tangerine No. 3, by Barbara Trzcinski, 8" x 6", Oil, (Framed 15" x 13")

    Sometimes I need to refocus myself. One way I do that is by taking a deep dive into a simple subject. This time that meant standing alone in my studio contemplating the "orange-ness" of a tangerine. It can be an immensely satisfying process. Here is one of the three paintings resulting from that study.

    Curated Description: Tangerine No. 3 is a slightly abstracted still life of oil on canvas. The simple subject is portrayed intricately, with thick deliberate brushstrokes that come together to dramatically portray highlights and shadows. The broad color range creates a depth of tone to accentuate the dialogue between light and dark.