Surrender, by Astha Saini
  • Surrender, by Astha Saini

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    Surrender, by Astha Saini, 23" x 17", Ink and Watercolor, Framed

    Surrender came to life with a basic question I ask myself all the time: who am I and who am I becoming?

    My inspiration for the thought and this journey came from the philodendron leaf I have in my home. I am fascinated by the deep green color and I keep thinking how beautiful it is and it has no idea of the kind of emotions it invokes in a viewers head. It only blooms. Without any hesitation, without any bias. I want to become that. Just create things without thinking about the consequences or expectations. With no bias. Just the purity of being.

    The lines are fascinating to me. There is no going back in ink work. There is no room for mistakes. It is graceful and unforgiving. And that completely engages me in a kind of meditation. I emphasize Surrender with green in it, to suggest that my journey is open to accepting everything that surrounds me.

    Curated Description: Surrender is an ink and watercolor leaf drawing. The star of this drawing is a continuous contrast between the two mediums. The watercolor represents the opposite of the ink in texture, color, size, and dimension. While the viewer moves back and forth between mediums, they progressively observe the intricacies of the portrayal of the leaf.