Still Waters, by Bronle Crosby
  • Still Waters, by Bronle Crosby

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    Still Waters, by Bronle Crosby, 36" x 26.5", Oil on Canvas, Wildlife Paintings, Framed;

    Fisher at the Gates of Dawn. A cloudy morning at the bay, and this tri-colored heron was patience itself, waiting for breakfast. His golden eye blinking was the only movement--no wind, not a ripple on the water, just quiet and the occasional flop of a fish surfacing. Finally, success.

    Curated Description: Still Waters is a realistic oil on canvas of a lone pelican and its reflection. The pelican's mirrored reflection is both softer and cooler than the detailed pelican itself, adding to the realism of this piece. The background is a gloomy gray, adding to the sense of calmness of this work.