Resting Woman (Nicki), by Barbara Trzcinski
  • Resting Woman (Nicki), by Barbara Trzcinski

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    Resting Woman (Nicki), by Barbara Trzcinski, 40" x 24", Oil, (Framed 44.75" x 28.75")

    Nicki had worked late the night before she started sitting for this painting. Her exhaustion was palpable and she dozed off frequently. I love the roundness of the forms, the play of the light over her skin and the weight of her body sinking into the chair. Her solid, physical presence comes to life on the canvas.

    Curated Description: Resting Woman (Nicki) a realistic figural painting done in oil on canvas. The color palette is bold yet practical, with the rich tones capturing light reflecting off of her knee and shirt. The portrayal of highlights and shadows fosters an authentic quality in the composition.