Objet de Beaute - Jumeaux, by Ansley Pye
  • Objet de Beaute - Jumeaux, by Ansley Pye

    SKU: AP-Objet de Beaute-Jumeaux-01

    Objet de Beaute - Jumeaux, by Ansley Pye, 36" x 36", Oil on Canvas, Unframed, Nude Female Art

    The 4th in this series that addresses anonymous beauty of the female form. This art piece of nude female form addresses twins and includes the random and unique patterns and splatters I use to show the marks and patterns left on each of us by the journey of our lives.

    Curated Description: Objet de Beaute - Jumeaux is a Picasso-style oil on canvas featuring two abstracted female bodies with accentuated curves. The pale bodies stand out against the dark background.


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