Objet de Beaute III, by Ansley Pye
  • Objet de Beaute III, by Ansley Pye

    SKU: AP-Objet de Beaute III-01

    Objet de Beaute III, by Ansley Pye, 30" x 24", Oil on Canvas, Unframed, Nude Women in Art

    The 3rd piece in my new series of objects of beauty of the female form. I utilize the drips and patterns known in my work and deep rich colors to emphasize the curves and forms of the nude female form in art. This series addresses beauty without identity but uniquely identifiable by the gestures and position of the figure.

    Curated Description: Objet de Beaute III is a Picasso-style oil on canvas featuring an abstracted female body with accentuated curves. The pale body contrasts the dark red background creating an exciting intensity to this work.