Miguel in Blue, by Barbara Trzcinski
  • Miguel in Blue, by Barbara Trzcinski

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    Miguel in Blue, by Barbara Trzcinski, 40" x 30", Oil on Canvas, (Framed 40.5" x 30.5")

    I’ve been painting Miguel for many years. At a certain point I stopped making suggestions about what he should wear and just left it up to him. He always arrives at the studio oozing charm and style. It’s a pleasure every time I get to paint him. Plus, we always fit in a good chat during our breaks.

    Curated Description: Miguel in Blue is a realistic portrait painted in oil on canvas. Thick marks are carefully and deliberately placed to capture highlights and shadows, and subtle details capture Miguel's pensive expression. The glowing yellow background gives the composition lighthearted energy while the messy brushstrokes of Miguel's shadow remind you that the detailed image is a painting.