Lunarium: Us and Them, by Frol Boundin
  • Lunarium: Us and Them, by Frol Boundin

    SKU: FB-Lunarium: Us and Them-20

    Lunarium: Us and Them, by Frol Boundin, 25" x 33", Mixed Media Monoprint, Framed

    A visual collaboration with two other print makers, this piece is a dialogue on the topic of communication and micro vs macro expression of memory. Sourcing imagery from several systems of communication and representation, this print is a tapestry of voices and forms assembled into a single visual palimpsest.

    Curated Description: Lunarium: Us and Them is a mixed media monoprint with overlapping organic shapes. The subtle overlapping of planes and the bright palette give the print a active mood congruent with the focus of the Lunarium Project, memory.