Every Moment, by Bronle Crosby
  • Every Moment, by Bronle Crosby

    SKU: BC-Every Moment-22

    Every Moment, by Bronle Crosby, 30" x 32", Oil on Canvas, Unframed;

    Bubbles = Ephemeral: poly-chrome orbs loosed upon the breeze with a breath, only to explode in a shower of iridescent drops. But in those few seconds, they magnify and beautify their surroundings, their rainbow surfaces swirling and thinning as they spin through space. In that moment, they are landscape jewelry.

    Curated Description: Every Moment is a realistic oil on canvas of a tree with delicate white flowers and bubbles floating in the blue sky. The arrangement includes only a small portion of the tree, and it creates the feeling that the viewer is looking up. The crisp portrayal of the bubbles adds to the realism of this piece, which captures a precious and fleeting moment in time.