Erika, The Teal Dragon, by Barbara Trzcinski
  • Erika, The Teal Dragon, by Barbara Trzcinski

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    Erika, The Teal Dragon, by Barbara Trzcinski, 40" x 30", Oil on Canvas, Framed 42.25" x 32.25"

    The first time I met Erika she was getting out of her car wearing this dragon onesie. Who drives around town like that? And then I got to know her and it made perfect sense. I knew from that day that I wanted to paint this whimsical being in all her teal green glory.

    Curated Description: Erika, The Teal Dragon is realistic portrait of oil on canvas. The dramatic lighting creates long shadows that accent the proportions of the subjects face and body. The blended colors of the dragon onesie bring playfulness to an otherwise serious painting.