Dream of The Somnambulist, by Daniel Ketelhut
  • Dream of The Somnambulist, by Daniel Ketelhut

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    Dream of The Somnambulist, by Daniel Ketelhut, 30" x 40", Oil on Panel, Unframed

    I have always liked the feel of the word somnambulism (let's face it, it sounds so much cooler than sleepwalking). For me, this painting reflects an all too common aspect of the human condition. I see clusters of fluid, dreamy forms shambling through an interior space, uncertain of where they are going or what they are doing - sound familiar?

    Curated Description: Dream of The Somnambulist is a surrealist oil on panel painting. The twisting and flowing mass spreads diagonally across the page as the contrasting colors and shadows bring movement to the composition.