Dancers in The Afterglow, by Daniel Ketelhut
  • Dancers in The Afterglow, by Daniel Ketelhut

    SKU: DK-Dancers-in-The-Afterglow-07

    Dancers in The Afterglow, by Daniel Ketelhut, 48" x 64", Oil on Panel, Unframed

    "Many years ago (exactly how long I can’t remember), I heard the phrase "dancers in the afterglow". I don't remember if it was a title, a line from a poem or song, or from something else entirely. Upon finishing this painting, the phrase sprang to mind and I know it was just right for the title. Disparate forms dance and cavort across the surface, the reason for their revelry already fading form memory."

    Curated Description: Dancers in the Afterglow portrays an abstract troupe of figures placed weightlessly on top of a diffused background. Both the figures and their world share the same colour palette, creating visual balance. the subtle indications of the figures’ forms bleed in and out of the afterglow, creating a sense of swaying, ethereal movement.