Away She Goes, by Bronle Crosby
  • Away She Goes, by Bronle Crosby

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    Away She Goes, by Bronle Crosby, 24" x 24", Oil on Canvas, Unframed;

    We humans are part of the primordial interchange than between pollinator and blossom; for millennia we have planted crop companions to beguile pollinators, for without them– no fruit, no flowers, no food. We know how important these creatures are to us. The more we observe them, the more we care, and I hope the more we take care of them.

    Curated Description: Away She Goes is a realistic oil on canvas of a single bee on the delicate petals of a flower. The orange and yellow center of the flower is surrounded by intense white petals, creating a dramatic portrayal of the flower and the depiction of the brief moment that a bee rests on it.

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