Meet the artists behind the art and learn about their experiences, methods and practices.

Barbara Tzrcinski

Barbara uses direct observation to build an emotional connection with her subject. She paints a still life or person with sensitivity, but not sentimentality, or romanticism.

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Ansley Pye

Ansley seeks beauty in the feminine and organic forms. She chooses to see the beauty in the world and bring it to the surface of her canvases as an exercise in catharsis.

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Gray Park

Gray has been drawing from a very young age. He is drawn out of the studio into the open air to search for beauty in the world. The sounds and movements of natures ebb and flow with his work and it is here where he finds peace.

Meet Gray

What advice would you give someone just starting out in the art industry?

Get a classic atelier training where you master drawing then move on to painting. Develop solid skills and hone your ability to see, then you can take your art in any direction.

Frol Boundin

Frol explores the impact that symbolic structures have on personal memories and the mechanisms by which temporal experience can be expressed in two dimensional form. He draws inspiration from his grandfather — who was also a painter, and who nurtured Frol’s admiration of social realism.

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Lisa Camargo

Lisa's artwork is introspective in nature. As she has grown with her practice, she has found that her work often touches upon her integrity, identity, and selfhood. Lisa processes herself and transfers a glimpse of that onto her canvas.

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Peggy Hinaekian

Peggy's practice is multi-faceted and heavily informed by her global travel experiences. Her color palette reflects the adoration of natural sublimities like the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert.  

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Pia Stern

Pia rarely approaches her work with a preconceived idea. Like an archaeologist, she approaches the canvas as if on a ‘dig’, adding and subtracting, waiting for the meaning of the piece to reveal itself through the mark making process.

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Mark Jesinoski

Mark believes that art is a great medium for connection, education, and change. Over the past decade he has invested time in an arts program for his community. The outcomes have been generative, and has helped Mark ground his practice in meaningful acts of service.

Meet Mark

Qais Al-Sindy

Qais' art depicts human connections through a variety of beliefs, mentalities, and politics. After moving from Iraq to the United States, the wide scope of his outlook led him to these humanistic issues of place and belonging.

Meet Qais

Where do you find inspiration?

The creative process itself. Most of the imagery in my work is developed through the process of automatic drawing, which often involves scribbling on the surface, then honing these marks into various shapes and forms. Hence, while in the act of drawing or painting, imagery will develop that would never arisen absent that act. - Daniel Ketelhut

Nicolae Pedro Valera

Drawing from lived experiences, Nicolae explores the different emotional states and capabilities of the human spirit. This exploration is undertaken with particular devotion to the cycles of trials and reinventions we go through, to honor what we become.

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Daniel Ketelhut

Daniel walks through surrealism as his playground to ruminate on the inspirations he has built on throughout life. Sci-fi is a major fixture in this playground and he often finds himself coming back to the dream state again and again.

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Bronle Crosby

Some people call it Flow. By any name, ‘It’ is that elusive sense of oneness that silences yearning and stops the clock. It is the state we all seek to attain through education, meditation, and vacation. It is what Bronle hopes for each time she picks up a brush.

Meet Bronle

Nancy Plank

Nancy works as an English teacher alongside her practice and actively tries to bring the love of art to her classrooms by intertwining writing and illustrative assignments for her students. 

Meet Nancy

Roxanne Grooms

Roxanne puts down and takes away and paints over and washes off the surface over and over until she sees the painting come to life. She does this process all in the interest of the circle, the perfect shape. The circle becomes a character in a story and draws the viewer in to participate in the story.

Meet Roxanne

Astha Saini

Astha employs watercolors to draw the natural world into her studio and onto her pages. The energetic fidelity of her drawn subjects to their real counterparts speaks to the intention with which Astha creates her works.

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