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The Benefits of Partnering with Avaulte

Mark Jesinoski, Avaulte Artist

"The world is changing dramatically and how we interface with each other. The bottom line for me is creating a global audience that has access to an interactive platform with integrity like Avaulte."

Mark Jesinoski - Avaulte Partner Since 2016

Artist FAQs

Avaulte seeks to partner with emerging artists to offer you a transition into the life of a professional artist wherein you feel supported. We help you track your progress, set goals, and provide you with additional resources so that you can thrive doing what you love.

No. When you upload an image to our website, you remain the owner of that artwork.

Artists may discuss commission opportunities with their Artist Liaison after having spent 3 months as an Avaulte Artist.

Avaulte is the intermediary between clients and artists. To circumvent Avaulte, is a violation of the Artist Terms of Service.


By uploading work to our website, you are stating that it is your work, and it is ready to be sold. (Section 6)


When any of your artwork is uploaded to Avaulte, those works can not simultaneously exist on any other e-commerce platforms until your contract is terminated or you request to have a piece taken down see Sections (6.3, 8.3) in the Avaulte Artist Terms of Service.


Avaulte owns the promotional materials we create from your artwork. You waive the right to modify and use these materials. In the case that your work sells due to the Avaulte name, you agree to pay the standard commission rate to Avaulte within 30 days.  (Section 10)


Avaulte is the intermediary between Avaulte artists and their clients. To circumvent Avaulte, is a violation of the Artist Terms of Service.  (Section 11)


Avaulte Artists are expected to complete a W-9 form once a year. This form asks for your name, address, and taxpayer information.

For more information read the Artist Terms of Service.

When you choose the Marketing Package with your contract, you will receive 55% sales commission on any of your works sold.

When you choose not to include the Marketing Package, you will receive 60% sales commission on any of your works sold.

Any change Options within the contract can be made with a 30 day written notice to

Promotional materials created by Avaulte for the purpose of expanding your audience that exist on our website or internet community are owned by Avaulte. NO alteration, and NO unauthorized usage of these materials for self-promotion is allowed.

Avaulte only provides refunds on items damaged during shipment. Please refer to our Shipping & Refunds Policy for more information.