Our Mission

Avaulte is where artists find an audience and buyers become collectors. We collaborate with generations of artists and buyers; connecting both in dynamic ways. Our mission is to provide you with a customer experience that is simple and valuable. Together, we make art timeless through Avaulte.

“It's always been about the artists ”

Lisa Camargo - Art Entrepreneur

After studies at RISD, a Business degree in Management, and 25+ years experience in corporate & the art world, Lisa Camargo was primed to begin Avaulte in 2016. Since then, she has developed Avaulte into the network it is today. With an open mind and her trademark dynamism, she has undertaken the task of providing artists with value to succeed in the rapidly changing art industry. Her approach is informed by her experience as an art marketing consultant and her own art practice. Lisa believes in centering the needs of all customers — both artists and buyers, to find innovative solutions.

Meet the Team

The Avaulte team is filled with creative and like-minded individuals that are connected with the same passion: Art. We are constantly pushing ourselves to create a brand that supports all of our customers.

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