About Avaulte

Our Story

The “why” behind Avaulte. The founder of Avaulte, Lisa Camargo, switched careers from corporate (J&J) to follow her innate insight with art. She attended RISD, an art institution, and during her time there, she listened to artists and identified the missing elements to what it takes to become a career. Through this calling, the concept of Avaulte was seeded. It became clear to Lisa that her corporate background and entrepreneurial spirit furthered her appreciation for artists and their needs.

The Mission

Our mission is to shine light on Artists’ strengths for consumers to feel an emotional spark by the work they “see.” It is also about what “relations” matter to customers. When meaningfulness aligns, the story becomes the “connection.” As a marked source, Avaulte's agency will strengthen art experiences with the next great artists and inspire a new shift in art with emotion and storytelling.

What is Avaulte?

Avaulte is an art company that partners with artists and buyers, providing both with personal experiences that relate and connect with art. We offer an array of career growth opportunities for our Artists, such as a “Members Only” Artists’ Hub, coaching, promotional assistance, and more. Buyers are given customized services through one-on-one consultations, expertise in art buying, and art for all budgets.

Personalized for You

Use Avaulte's "Live Preview" feature to see works virtually in your space of choice, and in suggested décor elements. Our Avaulte Artists can be commissioned, and/or our team can be consulted to find the most perfect artwork for you.

An Artists' Connection Point

“The world is changing dramatically and how we interface with each other. The bottom line for me is creating a global audience that has access to an interactive platform with integrity like Avaulte.”

- Mark Jesinoski