About Avaulte


To guide one's eyes to the feeling of original artwork and into the customers hands, simply and easily.

We strive to inspire you with the artist's original work, process, and the story to provide a complete purchasing experience.

The Story

The story behind Avaulte is simple. Understanding people and art is the foundation to creating the connection. As a buyer, my first purchase of original art inspired me to want to know more about Art. As an artist, my first work of art taught me the needs required for those who create. Over time, Avaulte has honed into a hub it is today by creating a personal experience for both buyers and artists.

- Founder of Avaulte, Lisa A Camargo 

Personal for You

Use Avaulte's "Picture It" feature to see works virtually in your space of choice, and in suggested décor elements. Our Avaulte Artists can be commissioned, and/or our team can be consulted to find the most perfect artwork for you.

New Connection Point

“The world is changing dramatically and how we interface with each other. The bottom line for me is creating a global audience that has access to an interactive platform with integrity like Avaulte.”

- Mark Jesinoski