Artist Biography

Michael J Connor is an American artist best known for his abstract painting projects. His work examines the relationship between form and fluidity.  

Born in Minneapolis, Michael briefly attended the Minneapolis School of Art before moving to California where he worked as a Creative Director in the Silicon Valley advertising industry.

Following a near-death experience, his body of work took on a lucid form of storytelling. His non-linear narratives illustrate his experience navigating what he candidly describes as "going somewhere else.”

Artist Statement

Life on Earth and life after life are my two greatest inspirations to create art. I'm just a human expressing my journey in a short time period on a very small rock in a very vast universe. I'm not seeking to accomplish anything with my art. Instead I concentrate on getting the head out of the way and seeing what comes out. Usually a piece will let me know what it wants to be. After the piece is done it hits me that its completed, only then does it have significance to me. I believe this creation process is influenced by my circular understanding of life.

Up until three years ago I didn't finish many pieces, now I cant stop producing them. I'm obsessed with creating and I have much more fun now. My art is not married to any one style, I explore all kinds of techniques and styles. However, I have been influenced by various things along the way. Early in my life I was very influenced by the book "Radical Perspectives in the Arts" by Lee Baxandall, but as I grew older it was too much of an intellectual mind bender to be useful to me. Later I moved toward graphic arts for employment and it influenced my design. More recently, the fluid acrylics aided me in creating my water series because of the ethereal nature of the content.  


A. Muse Gallery, San Francisco, California
Looking Glass Gallery, San Jose, California
Chance Ranch Show, Morgan Hill, California
Gualala Art Center, Gualala, California     


2017 Two awards for Arts In The Redwoods, California