Mark Jesinoski

Artist Biography

Mark Jesinoski is an artist and program director at Mark earned his PhD. in Clinical Psychology in 2010.

As an artist, Mark has shown extensively in the Southern California region as well as galleries in Laguna Beach, Aspen, CO., and Scottsdale, AZ. Mark began painting at age 20 while working at a coal mine in an isolated region of Wyoming. Over the past 20 years Mark has consistently gone back to the canvas to process life, explore culture and meaning, and build bridges to the community.

Beyond the content of Mark's work he believes art is a great medium for connection, education and change. To this end Mark has worked diligently over the past eight years to facilitate arts programming in the community. Mark's work in the Veterans community led to the creation of The Rebirth Initiative in 2014, through the Oceanside Museum of Art's Exploring Engagement Artist in Residence program. This program was designed to directly facilitate arts programming for Veterans in San Diego County, and resulted in a lasting partnership with The Veterans Art Project ( Mark has now been working with VetArt since Spring 2015 and his efforts have helped build bridges to encompass a national presence.

As a psychologist in training, Mark did his graduate work at Utah State University, his doctoral residency at the University of San Diego and post-doctoral rotations at USD, SDSU, and UCSD respectively. These experiences built a strong foundation for understanding the human experience, for building useful and meaningful programming, and for engaging more fully in the art-making process. Mark's background in Psychology will always inform both his art and community work.