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How can I become an Avaulte artist?

It's Easy! Click here to submit your work. To review the submission process, please watch our Submission Process Video.

Fill out the application and our team will get back to you within 3-5 business days!

Are there pricing guidelines? A price range that all artwork should fall within?

Yes, the Pricing Algorithm is created by our Curators and aligns with the latest market standards. We accept pre-established prices after studying the sales history of the artist.


How old do I have to be to submit artwork?

You must be 18 or older to submit an original artwork.


How many works do I need for my profile?

At least 4 works need to be available for sale on your profile.


At Avaulte, we reserve the right to deny artwork that contains physical materials such as:

  • Guns, weapons, knives and/or ammunition

  • Human and/or animal parts and remains

  • Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia

  • Hazardous materials

  • Mailing lists and personal information, including IDs and licenses

  • Alcohol

  • Stolen property


What is the criteria for submission acceptance?

To become an Avaulte artist, you will need to:

  • Submit some basic profile information along with 4 available for sale works with images.

  • After we receive your application, our curators will determine whether you are a fit to join our community of artists. We are looking for dedicated career artists with an understanding of their medium(s) and a body of work that demonstrates originality, creativity, and strong conceptual skills.

  • You will be required to fill out an artist 1099 form before selling your art on Avaulte.


Works available for sale on Avaulte must be properly wired for mounting to be purchased immediately.


Can I become an Avaulte artist if I am already represented by a gallery and or on another online platform?

You may, as long as the works in the gallery are not displayed on Avaulte.com. Any artwork submitted to Avaulte must only be available on Avaulte.com and not on any other online platform or physical gallery for it to be accepted. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Can I use an ALIAS to sell on Avaulte?

Yes. However, we will need your legal name in order to provide you with any payments resulting from sales your work.