Avaulte is the center for Artists and Buyers. 
When one understands the Artists, one understands Art itself. 


Becoming an Avaulte Artist in 3 Steps 



Avaulte is the Voice Of Value




Frequently Asked Questions

What new innovations is Avaulte bringing to the Art Market?
Avaulte merges tradition and innovation. We select from only the most committed group of creators, whose art is of the highest quality. We provide a trusted environment where communication and integrity combine with the growing power of video marketing. At Avaulte we provide the best material to inspire sales and make sure all Avaulte Artists thrive as a whole.

Why Avaulte is the Center for Artists and Buyers and not just another online sales platform?

Avaulte is a New Concept: We believe in the power of wholeness. 
With a 5% Support Commission, Avaulte has crafted a completely new environment where each artist has the chance to benefit financially from sales of not just their own work. When you, the artist, promote other Avaulte artists, you promote yourself and expand Artists visibility. When everyone works toward the success of the Avaulte, profits give Artists more time to create!

How can I become an Avaulte artist?
It's Easy! Click here to submit your work. To review the submission process, please watch our Submission Process Video. Fill out the application and our team will get back to you within 3-5 business days!

What is the commission rate?
Artists will receive 60% of the final sale price of the item.










Is it true that I can get a commission on another artist’s sale? 
Yes! Artists will receive 5% commission of the final sale price of any sale they bring to Avaulte apart from their own art.