Hear the Art

The first of three events; Hear the Art is the first of the series with artist interviews for you to hear more about the art of Avaulte, and forge deeper connections with the artists as a result. 

What Art is About?

Over the years art has become a means to connect, educate and explore. Art is a bridge to the community. It is a great expression of freedom and perhaps one of the greatest mediums for change.

- Mark Jesinoski

I have been an artist for 50 years, and my style now is abstract landscape. I like to make people happy. That is what my objective is. It’s an artist's part of life, and I will never forget that.

- Peggy Hinaekian

Red Cloud in Blue Sky, acrylic on canvas
Orange explosion 40 x 40 .jpg

Where does the Inspiration Come From?

Art to me, is enjoying life as it is and looking at beautiful places that we are in and trying to capture that. I believe that art is everywhere that we all look as human beings.

- Gray Park

What I put into my work is mostly my emotions - the way I feel about something, filtered through the lens of beauty and personal experience.

In my work it is a conversation with someone with myself.

- Ansley Pye

The Dreamer 36x60.jpg

What Techniques Make You Unique?

I make etchings, lithographs, screenprints, and monotypes.

- Frol Boundin

I work in layers, so I can do something very very tight. The line is very important to me

- Roxanne Grooms

40" x 30"

Acrylic on Canvas

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