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What is Avaulte?

Avaulte is the Center for Artists & Buyers where each Artist succeeds and Buyers make a difference by buying original art. 

Why is the Buyer important to us?

What matters to you is important for us in order to provide the best experience for you.


Why Buy “Original” Art on Avaulte?

Connecting your interests with works of undiscovered artists creates a personalized experience. We get to get to know each of you to best fits works of art to your spaces.


What does “Original Art” mean?

When an artist creates an original artwork, that is a unique work/piece. It does not copy a work that was already made in some other way.


How can I get more information about the work?

Additional information is located underneath each work of art. For more information about the artist you can visit their page for their biography. If you need more information, email us at: customerservice@avaulte.com or visit here.